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If processing requires matching against another flow table, the actions in the matched rule include an action directing processing to the next table in the pipeline.The storage devices represent one or more non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable storage media and non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable communication media.Load balancing and monitoring of VM execution to catch crashes provides the same kind of fault tolerance and scalability services for enterprise applications that are achieved at much higher cost with specialized solutions.

The embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for avoiding the disadvantages of the prior art.This implementation technology is favorable for scalable management of the control plane entities within the cloud, since it allows execution of the control plane entities 1207 and the controller 1205 to be managed separately according to demand.

This procedure can be used in a variety of 3G PC message sequences, for example, a UE triggered detach request.Using Virtual Mobile Infrastructure to Protect Corporate Data Saturday, March 05, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson We chatted with Avast Vice President Sinan Eren to talk BYOD mobile security and how the Avast VMP solution provides companies with the ability to create a virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) that streams mobile apps to any device.Barracuda Networks is the. as virtual appliances for private networks in. site VPN capabilities help you enable your mobile workforce by.The cloud manager then monitors the resource utilization of each control plane module as well as the amount and type of control plane traffic handled by each control plane module (Block 1303).Write-Metadata ( GTP-TEID, 0xFFFFFFFF) Apply-Actions (Set-Output-Port GTP-Encap-VP ) The switch also writes an entry in the TEID hash table containing the tunnel header fields for the packet.Entries are modified by first deleting the entry for the TEID then adding a new entry for the same TEID.Similar principles and features to those described above can be implemented in single server systems, distributed server systems and similar computing environments.For example services involving middleboxes, such as specialized deep packet inspection or interaction with local data caching and processing resources that might be utilized for transcoding or augmented reality applications is difficult to support with the current 3G PC architecture.

How organizations ultimately resolve this crisis is yet to be determined.This increases operating expenses for the managed services companies and the mobile operator network due to the additional equipment, power and cooling requirements.The process is initiated in response to a request to modify a GTP tunnel between a SGSN and a GGSN for a subscriber session (Block 1811).The source port number is dynamically allocated by the sending node.The virtual port calculates the hash of the TEID and looks up the tunnel header information in the tunnel header table.

Figure 14 is a diagram of one embodiment of how the 3G PC in the cloud computing system enables a managed services company to manage multiple operator networks out of a single data center.Figure 6 is a diagram of the fields, which a matching process can utilize for identifying rules to apply to a packet.In one embodiment, the extensions to OpenFlow for GTP also encompass OpenFlow switch configuration.The process for deleting a session is illustrated in Figure 18C.The cloud manager can directly monitor this data, receive reports from the control plane modules or any combination thereof.

Gartner found that total mobile sales into the enterprise globally are greater than 200,000 per year, while PCs are half that.In other instances, well-known circuits, structures and techniques have not been shown in detail in order not to obscure the understanding of this description.Combined with multiple tables, VLAN or MPLS label stacks can be processed by matching one label per table.FIELD OF THE INVENTION The embodiments of the invention relate to a method and system for implementing a control plane of a third generation packet core in a cloud computer system.These systems are widely utilized by cellular phone network providers to enable cellular phone services over large areas.

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As with session creation, the 3G PC cloud control plane SGSN issues an update PDP context request message to the control plane GGSN and the control plane GGSN issues a GTP routing update RPC to the OpenFLow controller including the new tunnel update information.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014 by Richard Harris Ladies and Gents we present the October issue of ADM.The OpenFlow signaling, indicated by the solid lines and arrows 1501, sets up flow rules and actions on the switches and gateways within the 3G PC for differential routing.KeyLemon Launches Cloud based Face and Speaker Recognition APIs for Development Tuesday, October 21, 2014 by Stuart Parkerson KeyLemon, a creator of biometric ID and motion analysis technologies, has released access to its security recognition via a web service.The cloud manager or cloud operating system is a software program that can schedule execution to allow an in-service upgrade of hardware and software without impacting ongoing service provisioning to the VMs and their applications in the cloud computing system.The GTP tunnel establishes the route of the subscriber session across the core network of the 3G PC network to a peering point, the Internet or similar endpoint.

The operation of the 3G PC cloud computer system works as follows.For example, one flow table can perform QoS processing while a second flow table does routing.

The process for modifying a session is illustrated in Figure 18B.Starting at the first table 0 a lookup is performed to determine a match with the received packet (Block 503).Enterprise BYOD post holiday woes Tuesday, January 24, 2017 by Mitch Black Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are a constant enterprise challenge.The standard 3G PC control plane entities HSS, HLR, AUC, visitor location register (VLR), equipment identity register (EIR), sort message service interworking message center (SMS-IWMSC), SMS gateway message center (SMS-GMSC) and subscriber location function (SLF) and control plane aspects of the SGSN and GGSN are deployed in the cloud.Developing mobile apps is extremely expensive and quality is often sidestepped due to the.The packet is forwarded without any L3 processing (i.e. not modifying the IP TTL).The OpenFlow protocol contains no messages for configuring queues, this configuration is left up to the configuration protocol, as is the case with virtual ports.

In addition to virtual port configuration on the GTP extended OpenFlow gateways, QoS queue configuration may be required on any OpenFlow switch that will be forwarding better than best effort GTP bearer traffic.The core network 801 is divided into circuit switched and packet switched domains.