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The domain, IP address, or hostname you have searched for is not active or we are unable to successfully.Youtube, Google can see your IP address when you make the comment.I followed multiple tutorials to set up my Node.js app through.

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Contact YouTube with proof of copyright and they will take the content down.

Network Troubleshooting using PING, TRACERT, IPCONFIG, NSLOOKUP COMMANDS.Google Public DNS is a free alternative Domain Name System (DNS) service that is offered to Internet users around the world.

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Hello, As Youtube blocked in my country, we use ip addresses of youtube to access such as:, or etc. recently (3.

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Regards, Simon Poon. They have many DNS servers that all serve different purposes. YouTube; Dyn 150 Dow Street.

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Hello Experts, I need to setup a route based access to Youtube, using one of my company links only for Youtube.Hi, this is bryanstechtime from hazardtechv2, and this is a video on how to find your ip adress or dns server, so to find your ip adress or dns server go to.STATIC IP Tutorial - How To Setup A Static IP Address MADE EASY ( HD ).

If you decide to try Google Public DNS, your client programs will perform all DNS lookups using Google Public DNS.Free Fast Public DNS Servers List. Could you email me the list of DNS address for USA internet service providers,Please,. esp Youtube. nha dat nam dinh says. - Youtube | Website

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When I do an ipconfig on a workstation, it shows the ip address for the dns server as Information. The domain, IP address, or hostname you have searched for is not active or we are unable to successfully process your query for.

This test will list DNS records for a domain in priority order.

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We found that the organization hosting is Google in Mountain View, California, United States.

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Unfortunately, the firewall does not have URL filtering and can only block based on IP.Level of difficulty: Intermediate The Domain Name System (DNS).

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When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.This video provides an introduction to DNS, however the videos in this course are dynamic in nature. As.