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There was one episode in Psych where they take Shawn, his father, and Gus into an interrogating room.A moviemaker decides to make a movie about Duke Togo carrying out an assassination.Several cyborg guards start prowling about, and their leader turns to look at the security camera Ishikawa is using to watch them, causing him to acknowledge the man is a professional like they are.

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In Queen and Country, a Honey Trap was cracked because the perpetrator was seen looking at the camera on the blackmail tape.

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Cortana Is Listening. it would have to know this for that sort of capability.

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Then she punches and nearly breaks the mirror while Stanley looks a bit nonplussed.

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Our heroes have just thwarted a massive financial scam, and Detective Carter is told that the corrupt SEC investigator involved has committed suicide.Usually indicates that the person being watched knows more than the audience has been led to believe, or is a threat to the people watching them.Investigating the murder of a mentally ill young man who believed himself to be the devil, the team is interrogating one of his fellow inmates at the asylum, a girl who believes herself to be an angel.After having a private conversation with his companion covered by the sound of the water taps, he turns the water off and directly addresses — gives orders to — the subordinate he knows is spying on him.

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They include a surveillance photo taken from across the street, except Diana is looking directly at the camera, and a CCTV shot where she looks up at the camera.Your ISP and the sites you visit still know a lot about you,.Google Earth for Android enables you to explore the globe with a swipe of your finger.

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When any character is Being Watched on video surveillance and they look at the camera directly as if they know they are being watched.

Gibbs gets up to leave, and flips on the lights in the next room as he goes.This might be explained by the fact that the hackers were using their own telepath in the connection.

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Google uses a lot of educated guesses when it determines demographics.Having Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, Cordelia is looking down at Angel (back on Earth) from Fluffy Cloud Heaven.His brother is an adversarial rival, so freaks out accordingly.One of the agents spies on the bathing girls with binoculars, but Rory Mercury looks in his direction and glares, causing him to get scared and drop the binoculars.

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Through Google, advertisers will know how many times their ads were viewed.He also points at the mirror and says it might be a two-way mirror with a camera on the other side.In later series of Knightmare, the dungeoneers could find a magic item that let them see what Big Bad Lord Fear was up to.

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Detective one: Look at him sitting there, with that smile on his face.In many SCP Foundation articles, the described SCP at one point does something that hints that it is aware of the fact that the Foundation is observing and containing it.When the conversation is finished, Kaworu, smiling, makes direct eye contact with Misato despite the distance between them, startling her.

In the Doctor Who Expanded Universe novel Timewyrm: Exodus, the Doctor is posing as a high official staying in a government hotel.

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Then Mal looks right at Ariadne and the audience to a Scare Chord that can make Marion Cotillard freaky as shit.

At that point, Morgan walks over to stare into that particular camera.At one point, she glares straight in the direction of the camera the Calculator is using to watch her, which is enough for him to freak out in a Spit Take.

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Have you considered the possibility that someone else could be watching you.

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She then turns and looks directly at where Togo is looking through the sniper scope.