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Learn what information is stored in your Firefox history and how to clear all or part of it if you are using a public or shared computer.Facebook keeps a record of everything you search for on its Web site.Microsoft Edge tips and tricks: Questions about the new Windows 10 web browser answered.

Web browser history is the list of web sites that you have visited recently.

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Learn how to clear browsing history on your computer and mobile.

What to Do: From the HOME Menu tap the Internet Browser icon in.So be sure to check the web history in Internet Explorer and for any other web browsers that are installed, check out our story.

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Tap Privacy and put a check mark next to Always clear when quitting.Use the drop-down menu to choose how far back to delete your history.

Delete browsing history in your web browsers to maintain privacy and increase PC speed.Edge moves quite a few settings around, so what might have been second nature in Internet Explorer could well be confusing in Edge.

You can conveniently save this data to your browser and delete it any time you want to.So read on to find out how to access and delete your web browser history in Edge.

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How to delete your browser history in Microsoft Edge

You can close Internet Explorer at the end of a browsing session to clear.

How do I clear my web browser’s cache, cookies, and history?

Clear Browser History lets you keep your browser history clean, and unlike other history eraser apps, without losing all of your useful searches and visit.

Clear your browsing history and other personal data on Firefox for Android.Tap on Clear browsing history at the bottom of the History panel.

You can delete past searches, browsing history, and other activity from your Google Account.Put a check mark next to the items you want to clear and then tap Clear data.The web page URLs in the history are categorized by date and in most modern browsers you.How to Delete Browsing History of Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and 8.1 Information Your browsing history is the information that Intern.Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 remembers your browsing history like sites you have visited, information you have entered in forms and passwords.