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Google now allows you to download an archived list of everything you have ever searched for.To delete individual items, like a search you did on Google or a website you visited on Chrome: Go to My Activity.For Safari, click on the History link located at the top of your browser.Your history will be displayed by time up to three weeks back, by site, by most visited, and by.How to Manage Browsing History and Other Private Data in IE11.I get the same thing in, I noticed it Sunday when I had to use that ugly Chrome, I went to turn off the web history like I do on my regular browser and.

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Or searching for something that you know would get you in trouble if.Give your Google search history a clean sweep by going through the easy-to-follow steps in this definitive guide from you activate Google Search History, Google remembers every search that you perform.Step 4: Choose time period for which you want to delete items.

All major Web browsers -- Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 36, Google Chrome 41 and Safari 5 -- save the Web browsing history.Your search history will be displayed by time up to three months ago, by date and site, by site, by most visited, and by last visited.

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Sign in to save your search history settings and roam them across different browsers and computers.

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.Step 5: When your personal archive is ready to be downloaded, Google will send you an email.

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Google Search History. I will check how much I use it to see if it becomes an important aspect of my search behavior.Need to clear your Google search history to keep your searches away from prying eyes.Why are so many from this Russian republic fighting for ISIS.How to Show Your Search History. (See References.) Log into your Google account using your Gmail email.

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MyLastSearch - View your latest searches with major search engines.You can also delete your Internet history from within your browser.

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Like most modern web browsers, Safari for iOS stores your browsing history so you can call up web pages that you previously visited on your iPhone or iPad.You can also choose to download the list as a zip of JSON files onto your computer.A computer user poses in front of a Google search page in this photo illustration taken in Brussels May 30, 2014.

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I found this extremely clear and concise article on the google help site which explains how to.

To override the history page with your own version, see. a match might have the URL of a Google search.There are also options to delete individual search items, searches that have occurred in more recent periods, and searches from mobile or tablet devices.However, if a commenter violates our terms of use or abuses the commenting forum, their comment may go into moderation or be removed entirely.How to see and go to a specific date in your Google Web History Google keeps tabs on your search activity.

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Learn how to manage and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer.The tech giant has been working on the feature since last year, but it only gained wide-spread attention after it was reported by an unofficial Google Operating Systems Blog last week.

Ever accidentally close your Web browser, and want to figure out what you were just looking at.