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No matter what xbox 360 game you have, they can never be played on multiple consoles, even if it is from a computer to an xbox 360.

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Unplug The Old Cable From Your Xbox 360.2. Unplug the VGA cable out of your monitor.3. Insert the.

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Just an FYI, this is not possible with all Personal Computer Monitors.

Seriously I am done, keep responding and people will see you do not have the means to try nor prove your Wikipedia learning.Now you find the plug on both you laptop and you tv and plug them in accordingly.How To: Connect Xbox 360 To Your Computer Screen ( Very Simple ) TESTED.

Do something productive or I report you to mods for being rude and offensive.I have a wireless Xbox 360 controller. if you have an old junked xbox, you can rig it up with the 360 RF receiver and an old USB.

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Might want to let everyone know this is only capable with a small amount of monitors, mostly Dell. your not the brightest young lad are you.

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The Mini Display port has nothing to do with the conversation, except for you trying to bring it into the conversation.Connect the Xbox 360 wired controller to your computer. Connect the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming.

I was wanting to hook up my xbox 360 to my HPw1907 computer.The easiest way to do this would be to have my Xbox 360 my computer (so my internet connection is close.Sometimes it is easier to play a game on your computer using a controller instead of the keyboard and mouse.

Problems with hooking up a Xbox 360 to a computer

Click the drop down menu next to Display and find the name of your monitor or TV.

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I was wondering how I am suppost to hook up my xbox 360 to an acer computer.I will be hooking up my Xbox 360 up to my monitor and I have some questions.Yup. i have the old xbox 360 connected to my pc monitor using a vga cable. with the xbox slim you can get the sound and picture from a single hdmi cable.Please answer me soon.Thanks Can you do this to original xbox.

I love instructables as I have been a proud member for two years now.If you have an Xbox 360 console, you can easily share all the pictures, videos and music stored on your computer with your console. How to Connect Xbox 360 to PC.So I used to have an older 360 without an HDMI port, and I hooked it up to my computer with one of these that came with an adapter to plug the audio cables into the.All in-game images are copyright of Bungie Studios, Activision, Microsoft, and Infinity Ward.Most, if not all versions of DVI is backwards compatible with VGA.When it comes to wireless Xbox 360 on Windows you have three options: the expensive and easy way, the cheap and somewhat.

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Xbox 360 Controller Hooked Up To Computer. - posted in Tech Help: Okay well Ive been trying to hook this up for about 30 minutes and Im getting frustrated. I plugged.

For example what cable would I possibly need and what is on each end.Can someone tell me the cheapest way to hook up my xbox 360 to my lcd computer monitor.

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Unplug The Old Cable From Your Xbox 360. 2. Unplug the VGA cable out of your monitor. 3. Insert the AV Connector on the Cable Into The Xbox 360. 4. Screw The VGA Cable Into Your Monitor NOTE: I have a composite cable on my monitor so there will be no pictures for this step. I am sorry.

Once the download screen pops up, hit Run and allow the Xbox 360 Accessories Setup program to.

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