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Police refuted the claims, however, saying they could not find hard evidence linking the movie scene to the crime.Two witnesses to a crime in 1990 became the inspiration for the opening scenes of Jeepers Creepers, a horror movie released 11 years later.

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Weird Stuff Top 10 Unusual Discoveries Inside Graves Near The Nile.

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Popular Categories.The movie includes a scene where a man is beheaded by a glass plate.

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The director of the film was pleased that some people picked up on the nuances of the film and looked deeper than just the surface of what they were watching.Music 10 Dark Secrets From The Surprisingly Twisted World Of K-Pop.The 14 Movies Worth the Haul to the Multiplex in February 2017.

This page provides a list of the best demonic possession horror movies, including The Shining, the Evil Dead, and much more.

The project executive of the first film was planning to read the script during a flight to New York City.A series of creepy incidents surrounding the Final Destination franchise spooked the actors as well as the screenwriters and executives both before and during filming of the movies.A list of the 100 most popular, highest-grossing horror movies of all time at the United States box office.

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There was a reenactment of the crime on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries in 1991, which is almost word-for-word and scene-for-scene the same as the beginning of Jeepers Creepers, in which a brother and sister are followed by a monster after they spot him dumping bodies behind an abandoned church.Although never publicly acknowledged by the director, the sequence of events is too similar to be a coincidence.Our users picked these new 2017 horror movies as the most anticipated movies to see in 2017.

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Looking for the scariest movies to watch under the safety of your covers.Are Horror movies what you seek to satisfy your hunger for adrenaline.Get ready for Halloween, watch scary trailers, and see behind-the-scenes footage.Read this and other movie news, reviews, and more at Movies.com.In February 1993, two-year-old James Bulger was abducted from a shopping center in Bootle, Merseyside, England, by two 11-year-old boys.Lists descriptions of forthcoming horror movie releases as well as reviews and trailers for the films.

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Summer Movies Preview 2017 YouTube Star Stevie Ryan Dead at 33 That One Time Tom Holland Was Faked Out by Robert.Grab the collection of top scary Halloween films that make you laugh,cry and freak like hell.The Grudge Game Unblocked, watch movie online streaming HD for Free.All of the above scary movies can easily be found using eBay search bar, which can be accessed from any eBay page.However, what only some people may have realized is that the film is actually about domestic abuse, as pointed out by several film critics.

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The actors and actresses of The Blair Witch Project knew very little of what they were getting themselves into when they started the eight days of filming it took to complete the movie.Naturally, when the main character does escape, she finds something even crazier than the story her captor told her.But what classics have stood the test of timeā€”and which ones have fallen out of favor.Best list of top Thriller Movies for 2017 for movies recently released on DVD, Netflix, Redbox, iTunes and Amazon.

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We all love Horror here on B2W, plus everyone loves quotable dialogue, so a post on top scary movie lines is a no-brainer.Often, there is a lot more to some horror movies than initially meets the eye.