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Do Not Track (DNT) is a new program that allows users to turn off the tracking.

Block Ads, Scripts, and Popups with AdBlock Plus Ad and script blockers give you control over your browsing experience.Block hidden trackers, stop secret data collection. Blur automatically blocks tracking scripts,.Content Guide Lifehacker Store Redirecting to the Lifehacker store in Disclaimer: You are leaving a Gizmodo Media Group, LLC website and going to a third party site, which is subject to its own privacy policy and terms of use.Ever wondered how some websites seem to know so much about you as soon as you arrive.We think it has the right combination of ease-of-use, on-and-off toggling, whitelisting capabilities, and hands-off management that makes it a tool that anyone can pick up and use.It stops you from visiting known malware-hosting domains, and also disables third-party tracking cookies and scripts.

Stop Facebook tracking you across the web, change these settings.

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We covered a number of them when we discussed how you can stop companies from tracking your movements on the web.Facebook is going to start sharing app and Web browsing history it collects—all those non-Facebook sites you visit—with advertisers to display more targeted ads.When malware injects ads onto popular pages, or ad networks are hijacked by embedded malware, Disconnect can protect you from that as well—and it happens more often than you might think.Tor is built for anonymity with a nod to security—not the other way around.The three most popular browsers let you search and surf the Web without online ad networks and other.

For your email, SafeGmail or Mailvelope gets the job done for Gmail and other webmail users.From here, you can view, delete, or pause your history of watched YouTube videos, just as you did with your YouTube search history.

Many companies track your behavior and request information about you without explicitly asking for your permission.Plus, blocking ads can has a very real impact on the site and the people who work on it (like us here at Lifehacker).Plus, there are a ton of things you can do with it beyond just blocking ads.


Disconnect lets you visualize and block the invisible sites that track your search and browsing history.

Do you realize that third party sites may be tracking your browsing habits.If you do consider yourself a power user though, skip ABP and install this instead.

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It blocks third party tracking cookies and gives you control over all site scripts and elements from a simple-to-use toolbar menu.NoScript (Firefox) and ScriptSafe (Chrome, formerly ScriptNo): Both disable all scripts from running on pages without you specifically adding them to an allow list.

Delete Location History button to wipe your past location history clean.

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Our favorite chat clients for Windows and Mac, Pidgin and Adium (respectively) can both do this pretty easily.

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Firefox lets you tell websites not to track your browsing behavior.Facebook is claiming that this feature is part of its ad-tailoring program.


Keep in mind, though, that your previously saved web activity will stay put until you manually delete it.Previously I have written How To Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Online Activities, But Facebook is not the only culprit.For Android, iOS Users If a smartphone or tablet is your preferred device for browsing the Web, you can take a quick peek in its settings to disable tracking.This guide gives you an introduction to help you understand more about our Tracking the Trackers project.Using a site analytics tool is crucial for tracking how much traffic your site is receiving, how people are finding your site, which sections are popular and which.

If you are concerned about pervasive online web tracking by behavioral advertisers, then you may want to enable Do Not Track on your web browser.Why You Should Care About and Defend Your Privacy Privacy is dead, right.How to Stop the Web Tracking topic for everyone. OK., if you ask this serious subject: How to Stop the Web Tracking, so you demand the.Since then, the market has only grown, with more extensions and apps that all honestly do the same thing, with little more than UI tweaks and differences between them.

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This topic describes how to disable tracking performed by Health and Activity Tracking (HAT) using the BizTalk Server Administration console.And it means companies are tracking your browsing history to show you targeted ads.

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If you currently use WoT, we recommend you uninstall it and stop using it immediately.Google swears up and down that you, and only you, have access to your Android history.

You can search your web history using the Search box at the top of the page, or you can delete individual items by checking the appropriate boxes and clicking the Remove Items button.

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Finally, Disconnect protects you from sidejacking (or widgetjacking), where an attacker can use stolen cookies to access personal data without having to know your password, with its Secure Wi-Fi feature.The latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer support a standard designed to stop the kind of tracking that spawns targeted ads.