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Hi all. New to the boards and need some help getting my xbox and pc talking to each other over the network.Find great deals on eBay for xbox 360 wired controller and microsoft xbox 360 wired controller.If you have a laptop computer with both wired and wireless network adapters, you can use your laptop to connect your Xbox 360 console to Xbox Live.If none of your networked computers can reach Web sites on the Internet, you should troubleshoot the home network first.

This is a discussion on XBOX 360 Elite Ethernet Connection Fail within the Console Gaming Support forums, part of.MTU The Xbox Live service requires your home network have a certain Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU).This test will fail if the Xbox 360 does not possess a valid IP address, which is a necessary element of DNS functionality.DNS This test attempts to contact the Domain Name System (DNS) servers of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The Xbox automatically uses the Ethernet-connected adapter if present instead.

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This workaround lets you connect to Xbox Live using an Ethernet cable and a.To Find the MAC Address in Xbox 360 Console (New Xbox Experience): 1.

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ICMP Xbox Live also requires certain technical support on your network for Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) messages.There are many ways, but your going to have to change the settings around.If you encounter errors when connecting to Xbox Live, follow the below procedures for troubleshooting Xbox 360 network issues.How to connect your xbox 360 with wired connection to you l DarkXD58. Loading. How to connect your xbox 360 to a wireless network - Duration: 2:42.

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Microsoft Xbox consoles support home network connections to the Xbox Live service for multi-player Internet gaming.Xbox 360 Home Network Setup A home wired network can be used to connect your Xbox game console (or any other network-ready game device, such as Playstation.The Xbox automatically uses the Ethernet-connected adapter if present instead of a USB adapter.

The Xbox 360 requires DNS functionality to locate the Xbox Live game servers.I have changed the network maps as a workaround to atleast get connected to Xbox Live.Before troubleshooting the Xbox 360 yourself, perform a quick check to verify your Internet connection is functioning.Before following these steps, please be sure to write down your network.For me to play xbox live I use a Ethernet cord and connect it to my Dell inspiron laptop.

While this technical detail can normally be ignored in home networking, MTU values are important to the performance of online games.This tutorial will show you how to find the wired MAC address for the Xbox 360.If the Xbox 360 built-in network diagnostic fails with the following message: Technical configuration error.Purchase Rock Candy Wired Controller: Lalalime (Xbox 360) online and enjoy having your favorite video games, gaming accessories and skins delivered to you in South.

Verify that the network cable is properly connected to the back of the computer.

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Wired Media Center PC Internet DSL or cable modem 100 Mbps access point Xbox 360 console TV Second PC Wired, Best A.Requirements: 1.Ethernet Cable 2.PC 3.XBOX 360 4.Media Sharing Software (Windows Media Player 11 for XP, Windows Media Center, or Zune) 5.Latest.

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The first part is setting up a static IP address on the Xbox 360,.

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Buy Disney Star Wars Wired Controller for XBOX360 at to My Xbox in the Xbox Dashboard and select System Settings. 2. Click Network Settings...

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